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The artistry of nature…

Daily trips to Capri with a tour around the island. Discover one of the most romantic islands in the world, celebrated for the incredible beauty of its coastline, clear azure sea and limestone caves. Apart from the renowned Blue Grotto, there are many other wonderful caves to visit: The Red-Coral Grotto, The Green Grotto, The White Grotto and The Fisherman Grotto, all framed by a brilliant sea After a pleasant visit to the island itself, we conclude our Capri visit with a local wine and savouries tasting onboard. The Natural Reserve of the Bay of Ieranto and the picturesque village of Nerano are also included in our day tour..
La Baia di Nerano: a changeless fishing spot is also famous for it’s many characteristic restaurants serving freshly caught fish, egg plants parmigiana and the delicious spaghetti and zucchini, these are all favourite ‘watering holes’ of ours and we personally recommend all of them.
La Baia di Ieranto: is a rare secluded Bay and is only navigable to a few boats to avoid contaminating the areas natural beauty. Emerge yourselves in the crystal clear emerald waters and this natural wonder will relax the most ‘tense’ tourist. Dolphins and swooping seagulls frequently accompany our navigations.
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